REVIEW:- Singin’ in the Rain

Singin’ in the Rain


Directors:- Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly

Starring:- Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen

Runtime:- 1hr 43mins

Year:- 1952


Let the heavens open and soak all in its wake. Let the rains pour down attempting to dampen the spirits. Let the screeching, nagging voices of cynics have their fill of nay-saying and nitpicking. The heavy showers cannot weigh down the leaps and spins of the infectious dance routines. The chattering detractors cannot drown out the booming soundtrack. Indeed nothing can quash this experience, for Singin’ in the Rain is an unapologetic joy from start to finish.

Screen icon Gene Kelly co-directs alongside Stanley Donen in this musical classic that captures an exciting time in Hollywood history. Silent movies are transitioning into talkies and the industry, particularly Kelly’s A-lister Don Lockwood, is struggling to cope. The evolution of cinema merely provides the backdrop however for toe-tapping musical numbers that are the mainstay of the feature.

Songs such as ‘Good Morning’, ‘Moses Supposes’, as well as the title track are all brought to life by Kelly’s bounding, relentless performance. He is almost upstaged however by the rubber legs and elastic face of Donald O’Connor, who brings a voice of reason and innocent charm to the often double-crossing world of film production. Together with Debbie Reynolds’ Kathy, the three stars forge an electric chemistry which is captivating and delightful thanks in no small part to the pithy script. It is a flight-of-fancy so well constructed you even forgive the narrative detour taken during the ten minute ‘Gotta Dance’ sequence.

How ironic that a film about moving with the times and enhancements in technology has now become a lynchpin of the classical Hollywood era and evokes strong feelings of sentimental nostalgia for a bygone age. Through words, song and dance the cast mesmerise in a bright, bold and beautiful manner. Getting caught in the rain has never been so fun.


singin' in the rain


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