Top 10 Films of 2015/Number 7/Catch Me Daddy

Unbearably tense and criminally overlooked, Daniel Wolfe’s tale of young lovers on the run marks one of the most impressive feature length debuts from a British director in recent years.

Aided by the phenomenal cinematography of Robbie Ryan (is there anyone better at shooting the British countryside?), there is real menace to the bleak caravan parks and Yorkshire moors teenagers Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed) and Aaron (Connor McCarron) choose to hide out in.  On the run from Laila’s family eager to bring her home, the sense of tension is palpable. Wolfe does a tremendous job transferring the fear and uncertainty his protagonists face on to his audience.

The young leads are almost upstaged by their trackers, fuelled by a misplaced sense of honour, or pure frustration and rage. Barry Nunney deserves special recognition, in a role that rivals Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh in the unpredictable psychopath stakes. All the elements combine to make this terrifically brutal, stylish and engrossing drama. An unexpected gem of the highest quality.


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