The Other Film of the Year:- The Pyramid Texts

Timbuktu is a masterful film, and a well deserved film of the year, but its place comes with an asterisk, as it must share the title of the High Hat Film of the Year with The Pyramid Texts, a remarkable offering from the Shammasian brothers.

Denied a spot on our Top 10 rundown due to not getting a full cinematic release in the UK in 2015, the film was a standout at last year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, and has been quietly doing the rounds at select screening across the country.

On paper the film shouldn’t work; the entire film takes place within the walls of a boxing gym, as James Cosmo delivers a 97 minute soliloquy on life, regret, responsibility, fear and, of course, boxing. The fact that it not only holds the attention for the runtime, but possesses such an emotional gut punch is testament to Geoff Thompson’s incredible script, and the performance from Cosmo, who is nothing short of a revelation.

There have been many films in recent years that have focused on a single character, from Castaway to Locke, 127 Hours to Buried, but while these films used additional cameos, expositional phone -calls and charismatic volleyballs to fill in the gaps, with The Pyramid Texts there is a just a man with a camera and overwhelming need to share his thoughts. A truly heart-breaking, captivating and mesmerising cinematic experience.

Click here to read my full, 5-star review of The Pyramid Texts for the Telstar Film Review



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